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L to R: ???, Shahid Yamin, Filiz Sarıoğlu, Ankara

L to R (sitting): Qamar Raza Zaidi, Mhoammed Aslam, Javed Iqbal Baqai, Jawaid Raza Muttaqi
L to R (standing): Tariq Alauddin, Syed Ahmed (Tippu), Kalimur Rashid Fawzulhaq, Ahmad Arab Ansari, ??, ?Faizan Ahmed ?

MIT, 1972: Some photos and short write-up by Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui for his studies at MIT with Prof. Pervez Hoodbyoy and others

Yes, Pervez Hoodbyoy is our contemporary and he was a part of our close group of friends.
He and I were in the same dorm (East Campus) and on the same floor. His room was a few rooms away from mine.
We were very close to each other during those days, and would spend many evenings together over dinner too.

Vaqar was in Senior House (another dorm which was next door to East Campus on Ames Street).
The following year when Masood and Rashid Nisar came to MIT, they too stayed at Senior House.

In our first semester at MIT, I was also at Senior House in the room next to Vaqar’s.
But then I moved to East Campus for the following 5 semesters where Pervez was living where I got a very nice large room.

There were a total of around 35 Pakistanis at MIT at that time, out of whom around 30 were undergrad students (including Pervez)
and the remaining 5 or so were grad students pursuing their masters or PhD.

Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui